Beagle Bone Black Cape qinno iCOM

Beagle Bone Black / CAPE Extension Module

The qinno iCOM extension module is a CAPE specifically designed for the Beagle Bone Black (BBB). The iCOM provides different Interfaces and D I/O for direct usages in industrial environment.

Complete datasheet

Bus Interface Beagle Bone Black (BBB) Rev. B
Ports 2 x RS232; 1 x RS485
Digital Outputs 4
Digital Inputs 4
Certification CE
Data Signals RS232 TxD; RxD; CTS; RTS
RS485 Termination switchable; signal and power isolated
Digital I/O  
Input Voltage Range Up to 24V DC
Output Voltage Range 12V up to 45V DC
Output on-state resistance
Output Load Current
Self limited; Nominal 0,7A; LED for each digital I/O
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range
12V to 48V DC
Maximum Current 2A for BBB and onboard CAPE Devices
Additional Functions  
Sensors Onboard temperature Sensor
Memory Onboard CAPE EEPROM (256 kBit)
Memory Onboard user EEPROM (1024 kBit)
RTC Real time clock with CR2032 battery holder
Stauts LED Digital input and output
100.2 mm x 89.1 mm
Operating Temperature
-20 up to 70°C (except battery)
Ampient Operating Humidity 35% to 90% (at 5°C to 35°C)
Angström Linux BSP available / Driver Support
Price: 118.90 EUR
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