About us

The objective of the EBS-SYSTART GmbH is to develop, to produce and to market product ideas of individuals:

  • friends & relatives
  • students
  • familiar & unknown persons

Therefore everybody wins:

  • The customer obtain an absolutely high qualified product.
  • The individual get licence fees and appreciation for his/her product idea.
  • The EBS-SYSTART GmbH can realize new product ideas with the sales profit.

The idea to found the EBS-SYSTART GmbH was born in 2008. There were serval developed and realized product ideas within the circle of friends of Michael Bittner. These products were not sold, because production and marketing were not mastered additionally to a full time job. Since 2010 the EBS-SYSTART GmbH provides a professional platform to accompany new products from idea to marketing.

You can inform yourself about our further services at www.EBS-SYSTART.de


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