Burnt-out bicycle light bulbs no more

  • Replace the old headlight bulb of your bicycle with our high-tech LED bulb.
  • The life span of our EnLightPro10 is up to 10 times longer than that of a light bulb.
  • Even at walking speed the EnLightPro10 shines with double the intensity of a normal light bulb at full speed.
  • You can connect up to three EnLightPro10 as well as your normal taillight to one dynamo.

Drive safely and drive down your expenses!

  • The EnLightPro10 of SYSTART GmbH is compatible with all bicycle lamp sockets and all types of dynamos.
  • Normal light bulbs often burn out at full speed because the dynamo generates an excess of voltage. The surge protector of the EnLightPro10 protects your headlight as well as your taillight.

Technical Information:

  • Lamp Sockets
    • Thread E10 (common with old bicycle spotlights)
  • Electrical Information
    • Voltage: 4.00 - 8.00 volt AC
    • Output Power: 0.85 watt / 80 lumen
  • Accreditation
    • CE
    • No accreditation for german StVZO (road traffic act)
  • Technical Configuration
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Rectifier
    • Constant current switcher
    • CREE XPE high-power LED
Price: 13.90 EUR
plus shipping
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